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Tantaga, also known as Skye, is Onision's ex-wife. What people know about her was that she was a female person who was once Onision's wife. Skye also posts YouTube videos on her channel, Tantaga >>230176 Skye pregnant? she's infertile she can't give birth and a few friends and relatives think she had autism (aspergers) she would say I have nothing to do with the drama but then all she did was giggle and send immature chat logs back and fourth to that little group with that cyber whatever wannabe DJ and she made fun of him and even said that he makes all those videos because he is in. Still though, he cheated on Skye with Shiloh, and was DMing Lainey on twitter when he and Shiloh were constantly breaking up and getting back together, and also dating some girl named Adrienne then Shiloh and Onision got back together they both dragged Adrienne saying she was 'nasty' All in all this dude is a super turd and is just terrible to.

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The Onision channel was created in 2004 or earlier but moved to YouTube on January 29, 2006. In 2017, the channel switched to 50% paid only for a short time, but switched back to all free videos later, the exclusive videos solely being available to people supporting Onision on Patreon July 7, 2010: The first upload to Jackson's secondary channel Onision Speaks is posted. However, in a video uploaded on November 21, 2009 to the original Onision channel, Jackson mentions Onision Speaks, which suggests several original uploads were deleted Unmute @Onision Mute @Onision Follow Follow @Onision Following Following @Onision Unfollow Unfollow @Onision Blocked Blocked @Onision Unblock Unblock @Onision Pending Pending follow request from @Onision Cancel Cancel your follow request to @Onision

Onision. 666,135 likes · 878 talking about this. I'm Onision, I create comedy music videos, as well as educational stuff & vlogs. I can be found on.. The Spiral of Abuse by a Covert, Socialized NarcissistYou can literally outline this entire chart, step by step, in all of Onision's relationships, even the ones that only lasted for a couple of.. Skye Tantaga wed Onision at 5th August 2005. At that moment, Onision was working with the United States Airforce, also because of military function, they might move together from 1 spot to another. According to some posts by Onision, he's contended that he'd had enough time together with Skye

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  1. On 11-11-1985 Onision (nickname: Onision) was born in Washington, D.C.. He made his 2.3 million dollar fortune with YouTube channel: Onision. The celebrity his starsign is Scorpio and he is now 33 years of age
  2. check amazon for I'm A Banana mp3 download these lyrics are submitted by BURKUL4 these lyrics are last corrected by katy perry on March 23, 2017 Record Label(s): 2012 Onision
  3. Best Answer: Skye and Onision got divorced a while ago (I believe it was in December.) He said they weren't working out in his Onisionspeaks channel. A few months later he met this 17 year old girl named Shiloh

I really like playing characters like Emo Charlie & Chibi Derf, I also make music videos and write books :) Just Google search Onision Books or Onision Songs to find them! Watch all Onision. Another name for the great Onision leader of the cuckolds. In cuck fashion, Onision is a liberal feminazi vegetarian only he has millions of followers from around the world Onision is often described as the most controversial YouTuber and YouTube's most troubled star. Onision Wifes and Marriage. Onision got married in 2005 to Skye Tantaga. The couple was lovely, and together they appeared in may videos of Onision channel. However, the love didn't last for long, and in 2010 they got separated Onision is one of such people who has taken the bull by the horn, met the above criteria and emerged as one of the many YouTubers to reckon with. Bio (Age) Onision was born Gregory Daniel Jackson on November 11, 1985

Learn about Onision: his birthday, what he did before fame, his family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more This is YouTube's time to take action against Onision now aged 26 and his fan base to finally put an end of his absurd story. Onision started his account in early 2007 or 2008 and was married to a woman named Skye and he started posting videos about horrible taste in humor and nothing was too bad until he started to vlog about Women's rights and believed he was right and if the comments. Onision's drama is fake Before we get into the details, here's a list of people who willingly play(ed) along with Onision's drama: • Skye • Cyr • Shiloh • Adrienne • Taylor/Lainey For more details.. 372.5k Followers, 11 Following, 1,990 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Onision (@onision Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications

For those who watch Onision on youtube, you know skye has not been in the videos anymore. And i was just woundering why, if anyone knows could u plzz tell me Greg and Taylor Avaroe: A Dossier OC (self.Onision) submitted 1 year ago * by snallygaster overdeveloped teen - announcement This is by no means comprehensive, but feel free to add more transgressions and sources

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How long was onision and skye married for? Onision was married to Tantaga for five years before hedivorced her after having cheated on her with an underage minorfrom Canada. As stated in documents. Onision is a sociopath! I found an article and this is it's 10 signs for spotting a sociopath. They ALL sound like Onision. #1) Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to.. Wow, Ritchie, you really did take after Onision. A shame. I really liked their song Filthy Pride. I Imagine Onision can't argue back or make any sort of callout because people would be all over the stuff he did to Shiloh, Adrienne, Skye and Billie... which is roughly the same exact stuff, if not even more messed up, that Ritchie did to Ayalla

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Skye: Before having his fans chase her off the internet, Greg pushed a false claim that Skye had no contribution to his channel, that she was lazy, that she was a talentless hack basically, robbed her of any credit for his one big successful video, and effectively ruined her ability to launch her own career in filmography despite him simply. mskristopher:. I'm about to tell you guys a story. BACKGROUND i've been following this onision drama since the Skye days. (My ringtone was actually a clip from the my happy Halloween video) i used to be a big fan (fun with onision #7 was a great video I'm so happy to find a thread about Onision here! I love him (well, his drama). Sadly I know a lot about it because I followed it really closely, so if you need clarification about anything, just ask. He's been married twice. First time was to Skye, second time is to Taylor (or Lainey) 아내의 일로 논란이 잦았다. 첫번째 아내 skye는 오니시온의 돈을 갈취하고 바람을 펴서 이혼했다고 한다. [8] 두번째 아내 shiloh가 별거 전 오니시온이 보낸 음성메세지를 유튜브에 올렸다. 아내가 싸움 중 폭발해 오니시온이 경찰을 불렀는데 Gregory Jackson was born on November 11, 1985 in Washington, USA. He is an actor and editor, known for Tosh.0 (2009), Ridiculousness (2011) and BlackBoxTV (2010). He has been married to Lainey Jackson since November 14, 2012

Anonymous said: I hate to say it but I feel like skye held Greg together well. Idk why but they were stable together and after the divorce it just went to shit.. with Skye, she was the one who really grew the channel in the early days, a lot of fans were there for Skye, not onision. She put him on the path to YouTube fame/infamy. With shiloh, she already had fame prior to meeting onision in her own right Onision has instigated numerous online controversies including an incident in 2010 when he posted a video online stating that his ex-wife Skye had broken into his home and stolen a number of his belongings. You may laso like: DavidParody Height Weight Body Measurements Dom Tracy Height Weight Body Measurements. Follow him on: Twitter @Onision Onision's Twitter mentions went crazy after his rants about Christina Grimmie. (Photo: Instagram) Onision's Twitter mentions are currently going crazy because of another one of his controversial all-day rants. Late last night, Christina Grimmie was shot and killed by a gunman during a meet-and. Onision. 666 866 cilvēkiem patīk · 734 runā par šo. I'm Onision, I create comedy music videos, as well as educational stuff & vlogs. I can be found on..

Skye Jackson is a well known American Ex-Youtuber. Skye Jackson famous for Ex Wife of Onision. Skye Jackson was born on 29 April, 1986 in Birth Place Not Known.Let's check about Skye Jackson's estimated Net Worth in 2019, Salary, Height, Age, Measurements, Biography, Family, Affairs, Wiki & Much More I used to be a huge fan of Onision back when he dated Skye, his videos always cheered me up and he seemed like a genuinely nice person. I didn't watch him for a long time and just recently saw one of his newer videos The most striking example of this is with his first wife Skye. In short, Skye married Onision when she was 18 and dropped everything to stay with Onision, studies and all. He began to abuse her and forced her to work on his videos both in terms of acting and editing

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  1. Onision was married to his first wife, Skye Tantaga, for about 5 years until they got a divorce in 2011. They met in 2003 during their high school and were married in 2005. Though their friends were against their marriage and were convincing Skye to leave her husband as he is not good for her
  2. Onision's Past Affairs. Onision was previously married to his first wife Skye Tantanga. The former couple first met when they were still in high school way back in the year 2003. Apparently, Onision made the move first as he approached Skye. Soon they got closer to each other and began dating
  3. Uploaded on youtube in 2012, Onision sings a breakup song about former girlfriend Shiloh, but could apply to Skye as well
  4. Onision is basically the hugest, most vile douchebag of YouTube, and I can officially say I hate his guts. Sakubara: As someone who hated Onision anyway and watched the whole ordeal from Black Friday's perspective, I can also add that in general, the story from Onision's end was just pathetic in general and made him even worse for me
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It deeply saddens me to know that Onision is still harassing Shane Dawson and even emailing him continuously despite Shane telling him multiple times to leave him alone. . Not only that, but Greg posted screenshots of said emails on Twitter and tried to give him shit for saying that he didn't want to sue because of how it could potentially effect Lainey and the Onision real name is Gregory Daniel Jackson. He was born on November 11, 1985 at Washington. He is American by natinoanliy. He is Social Media Celebrities (YouTube) by profession How well do you know Onision? (HARD) ally. 1. 10. Lainey and shiloh. Lainey and Skye. Skye and Shiloh. Shiloh, Skye, and Lainey. 3. 10. How Long has Onision been. Onision just posted a new video on the Onision channel, Banana Sell Out which is more of our favorite banana costume! In this video, we have the classic I'm A Banana beat, with slightly different words. This time, Banana is a sell out, and urges you to look at it's butt. Awesome. Go check it out. Full of fun graphics, music, Onision. :

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Skye Jackson, Actress: Haters United. Skye Jackson is an actress, known for Haters United (2008), I'm So Emo (2008) and Banana Song (I'm a Banana) (2009) Gregory Jackson (born November 11, 1985), known by his YouTube username Onision (), is an American YouTuber and Internet personality. While his channel Onision is mainly satirical, videos on his other channels revolve around life stories, topics concerning suicide and self-harm, body issues and answering questions he receives on his forum Also like it's funny how Gerg wants to brag about his deluxe basement complete with 100 video game consoles and filthy fish tank now that he's supporting his wife 2 children and a 16 year old girl but back when he was single and totally financially unencumbered he compared alimony to slavery and threatened to kill himself if Skye didn't. Onision the LIAR. 471 likes. ** this page is no longer running, it is cursed and fuck all if anyone is going to want to run it. Just here for old bullshit* Onision, I love this so much! This guy speaks his opinion and that's what I love about him i love him so much. People take him so seriously when he's just trying to be funny. Onision is really sweet when he isn't being a douche XD i love onision, he keeps me going everyday because i know i can watch more videos

Skye was financially dependent on him, and eventually 'earned her keep' by acting in and editing Greg's YouTube videos. Onision has claimed that he had her agree to a 'skinny pact', promising that they would both stay thin so that they could remain sexually attracted to each other Onision, also known as Gregory James Daniel a.k.a Gruck la Duck or Gregory James Jackson Gregory James Avarde, is a YouTuber born with ovaries instead of testicles. This makes him curl his eyelashes and put on light makeup, and has male GOTIS=like syndrome According to our records, Skye Jackson is possibly single. Relationships. Skye Jackson was previously married to Gregory Jackson (2005 - 2010). About. Skye Jackson is a 33 year old American Personality. Her zodiac sign is Taurus Onision has recently started moderating his comments and disabling ratings on his. Onision met Shiloh over Skype and began sending her plane tickets so he . The video in question was directed to the parents of his new wife, Taylor. He was an asshole to just about every single person he met, and started bragging

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  1. A quiz about Onision. In his video 'Banana Song (I'm a Banana) who does he tell he is a banana
  2. SomeGuy x Michael Interview about Onision in High School. a guest Sep 1st, 2015 3,817 Never Not a member of Pastebin yet? But when he got with Skye, that was.
  3. There are 32 videos about onision on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them
  4. Onision and Shiloh The truth about what happend - YouTube. Gallery For > Onision And Skye. Source Abuse Report. ONISION SHILOH HAS FORGIVEN YOU - YouTube
  5. Call out blog for Onision and others. Hi, my name is Chase and this is Chase Against Onision. I am bisexual and genderfluid and use they/them. Bitches about Skye.
  6. d, I'm not wearing pants - I didn't think that would be a big deal

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Why does everyone have to give hate to Onision. If you don't like what you see. He states his opinions and if you don't agree, why are you even watching?<<< and if you take his opinion as hate, deal with it I love Onision!I mean,if u actually listened to what he was saying during the videos maybe you'd actually like him Using our free SEO Keyword Suggest keyword analyzer you can run the keyword analysis Shiloh Onision 2015 in detail. In this section you can find synonyms for the word Shiloh Onision 2015, similar queries, as well as a gallery of images showing the full picture of possible uses for this word (Expressions)

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Married life and divorce with ex-wife Skye Tantaga. Onision met her first wife Skye Tantaga way back when they were still in high school. They met in 2003, and it is Onision who made the first move. One thing led to another, and the duo started dating. She appeared many of Onision's videos and websites while they were still dating Onision just posted a video introducing his girlfriend Shiloh. People in the comments were asking if it was the Shiloh, the Canadian singer. I looked up one of her videos, and it looks like her, but I also read that she's 17

I used to have a forum called onision.xyz and then it turned into onision.co or something else and people really wanted to know how attractive they were. They wanted to know what they were out of 10 [text] I had a topic suggestion sections and fans came up with the rating idea/kept posting there Onision's divorce records are NOT accessable to anyone. First you have to have the real names of the people involved and then you have to pay to get those records. By releasing the divorce records not only did he disclose the names of Onision and Skye but also invaded both of their privacy. Onision wasn't the only one hurt by this That being said, Onision is a pile. He's rude to his viewers, makes a lot of nasty jokes, and is just overall a really unpleasant person. He's actually pretty far off from what most people would consider to be a SJW - he's more just like a jerk on the internet who kids like to watch because he's edgy

SO MUCH FUN We had a blast on our hike/picnic This is a song about going on an awesome hikeDownload the song right now Onision site pets places pug road skye. Onision the LIAR. 474 Me gusta. ** this page is no longer running, it is cursed and fuck all if anyone is going to want to run it. Just here for old.. A song about having fun with Skye, Alicia, Greg amp Ryan. We visit an evil hippy park, play with a dog amp come across a dirty slugInterview with Onision Onision sit Best Answer: Because they know that his sense of humour is completely warped and that he has an unhealthy superiority complex. He unfavourably compared himself to South Park, despite the fact that South Park had two things that he doesn't have - context and a deeper satirical meaning Taylor goes by Lainey because Greg chose the name. Just like how Shiloh was Draculoh, and Skye was Tantaga. Taylor also said Taylor was too masculine, yet likes being called a cute boy or a guy. Besides, if people use Taylor's real name the consequences of their actions become even more real

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