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The radius of Earth at the equator is 3,963 miles (6,378 kilometers), according to NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. However, Earth is not quite a sphere. The planet's rotation causes it to. Earth Mean Orbital Elements (J2000) Semimajor axis (AU) 1.00000011 Orbital eccentricity 0.01671022 Orbital inclination (deg) 0.00005 Longitude of ascending node (deg) -11.26064 Longitude of perihelion (deg) 102.94719 Mean Longitude (deg) 100.4643

Earth is the third planet from the Sun, and the only astronomical object known to harbor life.According to radiometric dating and other sources of evidence, Earth formed over 4.5 billion years ago Earth radius is the distance from the Earth's center to its surface, about 6,371 km (3,959 mi).This length is also used as a unit of distance, especially in astronomy and geology, where it is usually denoted by R ⊕

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Remember geometry and it is actually pretty simple to figure out. Circumference = Pi x r2. If we know that the Earth is 25,000 miles around the Equatorthen we can plug that number in and remembering that Pi is approx. 3.14 we can figure out that. Radius of the Earth. In this assignment we will investigate one of the first known methods to calculate of the radius of the earth. This method was discovered by Erastothenes of Cyrene (third century B.C.) Use this tool to draw a circle by entering its radius along with an address. You can also click a point on the map to place a circle at that spot Earth radius's wiki: Earth radius is the approximate distance from Earth's center to its surface, about 6,371 km (3,959 mi). This distance is used as a unit of length, especially in astronomy and geophysics, where it is usually denoted by R ⊕

The IUGG value for the equatorial radius of the Earth is 6378.137 km (3963.19 statute miles ), giving an equatorial circumference of 40,075 km (24,901.5 miles . A slightly different definition is implemented as EarthRadius in the Mathematica add-on package Miscellaneous`PhysicalConstants` (which can be loaded with the command <<Miscellaneous`) Option 2 Put $10 into a pre-paid account. A good choice for infrequent users; your Earth Point account is reduced pennies at a time based upon your activity. For the money, you get about the same amount of use as a fixed-rate user, but you can take spread it ou Adding the radius of earth 6378 kilometers to this number 580 we get an orbit r 6958 now know baseline once in orbit what is the force of gravitational attraction on e telescope due to earth structure of earth as imaged by seismic waves nWhat Is The Diameter Of Earth QuoraAtmospheric Depth Versus The Radius [ With Google Earth for Chrome, fly anywhere in seconds and explore hundreds of 3D cities right in your browser. Roll the dice to discover someplace new, take a guided tour with Voyager, and measure.

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Earth Radius. Because the distances in planetary space environments are so vast, space scientists typically measure them in terms of planetary radii Earth radius is the distance from the Earth's center to its surface, about 6,371 kilometers (3,959 mi). This length is also used as a unit of distance, especially in astronomy and geology, where it is usually denoted by R_\oplus

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  3. Introduction. Our home planet is the third planet from the Sun, and the only place we know of so far that's inhabited by living things. While Earth is only the fifth largest planet in the solar system, it is the only world in our solar system with liquid water on the surface
  4. Radius and models of the earth. Earth's rotation, internal density variations, and external tidal forces cause it to deviate systematically from a perfect sphere. [1] Local topography increases the variance, resulting in a surface of unlimited complexity

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Media in category Earth radius This category contains only the following file In the end, the Greeks obtained a fairly nice value for the radius of the Earth. The Modern Way ————- You might think the modern way to measure the radius of the Earth is to just look it up

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