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I have had a history of back problems and when I even look at someone doing a bent over bb row my back starts to hurt. Are cable rows or one arm dumbbell rows hitting the same muscles? I understand that the bent over BB rows incorporate a lot more core/stability muscles but for someone who is just concentrating on their back do these. Seated Cable Rows might be better than Bent-Over Barbell Rows for athletes who have trouble with their hip hinge and lower-back strength, because Seated Cable Rows place you in a stable upright. Cable rows are fine for just working the pulling part of your shoulder girdle, but you're missing out on the whole-body effect of bent rows. If you burn out your hips and low back doing bent rows but still have some life left in your upper back, cable work is a great way to overload I prefer cable rows, as they allow maximum contraction of the mid-back without straining the lowerback or bending over like a bent row, but alas I don't have a cable-row machine, so I do dumbell or barbell rows when I row

I'm not saying it wouldn't be slightly better The thread was titled 'what is the advantage of BB rows over seated cable rows'. I answered the question. Sure, seated rows can replace BB rows in a program, but there is no substitute for BB rows that are as efficient and strengthening as BB row Seated rows and bent over barbell rows are two of the best back exercises known to man. Both are crucial to building a strong back, improving posture and preventing injury. A muscular back also looks great. Rows make the back both thick and wide, creating that V shaped body that body-builders are known for Though very similar in form and function, there are a few fundamental differences. The barbell bent-over row is a popular, fundamental strength exercise that targets the muscles in your back using a barbell or dumbbells. A T-bar row is a type of bent-over row done on a T-bar machine

In that regard the cable row still beats the bent over row. The cable row mimics how you grab the arm and lean back during the armbar. The bent over row, not so much. The cable row also seem to work the muscles necessary to pry a resisting opponents arm during the armbar Which one is superior for training the back, a bent over row or a seated cable row? Are heavy dumbell rows done one side at a time more productive and safer than barbell bent over rows? Which is the better exercise barbell rows or one arm dumbel rows Research concluded that the highest levels of electrical activity in the middle traps/rhomboids were in seated rows, as compared to lat pulldown exercises. (1) So there, tough guy. Now get to rowing! Bent-Over Rows. Let's start out with the most basic of the rowing movements, the bent-over row Home » Pendlay Row vs Barbell Row - Which Is Best for Strength? Pendlay Row vs Barbell Row - Which Is Best for Strength? the row is simply a bent over row done the way it should be.

Advantage: Old Fashioned T-Bar Row. It's not often an exercise edges out the bent-over row, but in this case, the bent-over row comes in second. Because we're focusing on the lower lats, it all comes down to your elbow position relative to your body The Bent-Over Dumbbell Row is a great machine-free alternative to the seated cable row and Hammer Strength Iso Low Row machine found at the global gyms The t-bar row vs. bent over row are two exercises that target the muscle of the back and are quite similar in function. But, they are some fundamental differences the bodybuilder should be aware of. The barbell bent over row is a common practice at most gyms and uses barbells or dumbbells to engage the back muscles fully

Looking for the best back exercises for your workout routine? Learn all about pull ups, the lat pulldown, bent over barbell rows and the seated cable row How to Perform Rows, Common Mistakes and Popular Variations. In this article, you will learn how to perform barbell bent over rows, common barbell bent over rows mistakes, benefits of performing rows and different variations of rows

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  1. The tug of war row by Russian strongman Valentin Dikul is another good choice of a row. It does fatigue the lower back and glutes, but not as much as the bent-over row. Attach a V-handle to a low cable stack. Back off far enough from the stack to run the cable at an approximately 45-degree angle
  2. Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Sparacino on seated cable row vs bent over barbell row: The best exercise increases circulation to the entire body. A very simple one is to image your arms are a jump rope and move in a circle lifting your arms and opening tee chest wall as you gently rock or or step over the pretend rope
  3. g a reverse grip bent-over row is nearly identical to perfor
  4. The supinated or underhand grip bent-over row, however, reinforces the ideal hip hinge position, helping you load the glutes and hamstrings for hypertrophy and developing explosive hip extension for maximum power in exercises like sprinting, jumping, and cleans. 3 - Rows make you a better deadlifter

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Lat muscle activity during the inverted row was about 60% greater than during the barbell row, which means it stimulated more muscle fibers to grow bigger. The scientists also reported that the inverted row didn't stress the lower back as much as the barbell bent-over row. Builders with back pain rejoice! Winner: The inverted row DB rows are great for hitting the lats! The BB rows are complex, so hit more that that. If you do horizontal supported DB rows, you may also lose the trap workout the BB rows offer. Not a problem, just add a movement in to replace what you have lost. Or do your rows more vertical if you are after the traps I have been doing Dumbell Rows and Cable Wide Pulldown. Should i do Bent-Over Rows or Cable Rows instead of Dumbell Rows. I am trying to build mass here. Today Routine Chest/Back/Triceps Bench Press 3x10 Rows ??? 3x10 Incline Press 3x10 Pull down 3x1

In most instances T-Bar bent over rows will be safer and more effective than barbell bent over rows. Another option that's usually a bit better than the straight bar is to use dumbbells for bent over rows. Chest supported dumbbell rows on an incline bench are a great option as well and allow you safely spread the scapula at the bottom of each. I feel my back just gets fatigued a lot and doing bent over rows doesn't help. Do you think the chest supported row (machine) hits the back (lats, rhombs etc.) just as much as the bent over row would, or because since the weight isn't free it won't work as much I'd still keep in the db rows (or kroc rows) + incline chest supported db rows I understand that rows and flys are two different exercises so this question isn't how to do them, but why would someone do one over the other? Is there better muscle activation with one? better pump? or just person preference? [/quote] Someone would pick rows over flys because rows are a better exercise In this post I want to give you a few reasons why the dumbbell row is actually the better option between the two when it comes to stimulating the back for hypertrophy as well as minimizing the risk of injury Barbell Row Vs. Dumbbell Row: Why Dumbbells Are The Winne Alrite mate, not 100% sure but i think with the rear delt row, you pull the bar higher than lower chest level. And with Bent over BB rows you pull the bar to lower chest level or just a little higher

Almost all great backs are built by heavy chins, pull-ups, bent-over rows, and deadlifts. These are all compound back exercises. In that article, Bret shares a pretty interesting muscle activation chart showing which back exercises activate the back the best. One arm dumbbell row (dumbbell bent over row) is high on the list of muscle activators Starting most of your back workouts with rows will help you place more overload on the lats (resulting in increased muscle size). Although the Canadian study used the seated cable row, we suggest that you use the barbell or dumbbell row at the beginning of your workouts when you are strongest and include other versions of rows later in the workout Upright Row vs Bentover Row On a back day bent over rows, rack chins and real chins form the basis of my workouts, but I do throw in other stuff - lat pull downs. Alternating bent-over rows also require more core stabilization and oblique activation than pullups. Modify to Your Level. While a bent-over row is accessible to almost any physically-able person, a complete pullup is a much harder exercise and out of reach for many beginners. For those new to exercise, rowing very light weights is an option JMHO. I have gone from 4 to 25 pullups in 4 months and I am 40 and not a particularly gifted weightlifter. Now I follow pullups with seated rows. I would highly recommend, but I have not done much bent over rows, always seemed tough on the lower back. Always used a db with 1 hand and knee on the bench

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  1. Seated Cable Rows emphasize muscles around the back including the lats, the erector spinae, rear delts, biceps, and forearm flexors. Continue below if you would like to learn more about the seated cable row and its variations. The back needs thickness not just width, as per our current top.
  2. Time and again I go back to trying our bent over rows but inevitably go back to seated motions because I can feel my back and wings being worked much better than with bent over rows. Of course I admit I may just have bad technique with the bent overs but I have tried very carefully executed ones as well, 100% precision and I just never get the.
  3. I tried to go too heavy on a barbell row at one point, and got carried away. Before I knew it, my lower back was fucked for months to come. The seal row removes that possibility, because of the chest support. If you can't fuck up your lower back, you can get more quality training sessions in over time, which means more gains will be had
  4. Row Benefits and Exercise Demo. The row is a broad movement category that includes popular rowing movements such as, but not limited to: the Pendlay Row, barbell bent row, ring row, dumbbell row.
  5. Some research has been published looking at the effects of different types of rows on muscle activation. A 2009 study looked at effects of three different rowing exercises: inverted row, standing bent-over row, and the standing one-arm cable row

Grab the bar at the cable machine with an overhand grip, hands wider than shoulder width apart. With your legs slightly bent, keep your back perfectly straight and bend forward at the hips until. The bent over row is the go-to exercise for building a big strong back that demands respect. Form on this lift will differ depending on the lifter and style, but those who are serious about their back training typically perform some variation of this movement. Not only does the bent over row. My mechanics make bent over rows pretty annoying. I usually a cable for row variations and dumbells for rear delt work. I just had an idea though, I've never tried bent over rows with a sumo stance, I might try that next time. Edit: Actually this wouldn't work, my back would be too upright. I'll just stick with cables/dumbells x Rate Row, One Arm, Bent-over . It´s an effective exercise. Extend working arm in direction of cable pulley and put other hand on same thigh to stabilize position Learn how to correctly do Seated Dumbbell Row to target Shoulders, Upper Back, Abs with easy step-by-step expert video instruction. Find related exercises and variations along with expert tip

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I also experience a greater degree of... not soreness, because I don't really get sore, but rather that low-level inflammation full feeling that you get after a good workout, in my traps with the dumbbell rows and the off-center single arm rows vs cable rows and single arm cable rows in the normal position Pendlay Row Standards (lb) Pendlay row strength standards help you to compare your one-rep max lift with other lifters at your bodyweight. Our pendlay row standards are based on 29,000 lifts by Strength Level users Dumbbell Rows. The dumbbell rows or dumbbell bent-over rows effectively engage the back muscles and as compared to barbell rows, they help in better strengthening of your mid-back and lats. You simply bend over a bench with your spine straight and parallel to the floor. One of your hands is on the bench while the other is holding the dumbbell

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  1. The seated cable row develops the muscles of the back and the forearms. It is an excellent all-around compound exercise for developing mainly the middle back while offering useful arm work as well. The seated cable row is performed on a weighted horizontal cable machine with a bench and foot plates
  2. Bent Over Row Bench Press I just want to make sure I am understanding this correctly of how the muscles need to be balanced. I know that I can probably bent over row more than I can bench press, so I should keep the bent over row weight to the same as the bench press. I was just thinking about this and it makes more sense
  3. This is a great question! As far as muscle recruitment goes, the bent-over barbell rows do yield the most muscle activity for the lats (back) and the biceps during EMG (electromyographic studies); however, this is only when you comparing with other bent-over row exercises (dumbbell, cable, etc.)
  4. Barbell Rows: Overhand Vs Underhand Grip 1882 I stopped using barbell for bent over rows , instead use the dumbbells for more freedom of hand positioning and i.

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  1. I have intermittent lower back issues, and seated cable rows are my favorite sub for bent over barbell rows when I have a flair up. One arm rows can make my back ache just as badly as barbell rows and deadlifts. That said, barbell rows are a great exercise
  2. How do I progress bent over rows? If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed
  3. There are two main barbell rows - the conventional bodybuilding row and the Pendlay row. The first one is more popular and often seen in the gym. The lifter bends over at a 110-120 degree angle and starts pulling the barbell towards the chest
  4. Skift til one arm dumbell rows, chest supported dumbell rows, cable rows, pulldown rows, meadows rows eller lignende varianter som du føler giver bedre pump. som sagt i smith er den fantastisk men meadows row er også bare en fantastisk øvels

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It adds more exercises for your lower body. It can turn you into a frog with big legs but small arms. Here's a quick comparison of the weekly volume your body gets with Power Cleans vs Barbell Rows: StrongLifts 5×5 with Barbell Rows: 80-85 reps for lower body (Squat, Deadlift). 100-125 reps for your upper-body (Bench, Press, Row) You've probably heard of the regular barbell row. You pick up a barbell, bend over at the waist (keeping your back straight), and pull the weight up towards your chest. This can be a great exercise, but improper form could cause complications or not give you a great workout! Luckily, the inverted row takes care of all of that Pendlay Row Vs. Bent Over Row Vs. Yates Row. The biggest difference between these three rows is the range of motion as a result of the positioning. For a second let's imagine that the pendlay row is a full range of motion bench press, all the way from the chest to extended, locked out arms at the top of the repetition

How to do Reverse-Grip Bent-Over Cable Row: Step 1: Grab a pair of stirrup handles that are attached a set of low cable pulleys. Step 2: Assume a hip-width stance with your knees bent in a quarter squat position, natural arch in your lower back, and chest out Other Exercise Names: Bent-Over Dumbbell Row, Single Arm Row, Lawnmower, Dumbbell Row, Chest Supported Row. Equipment Needed: flat utility bench + dumbbells. Instructions: Kneel over the side of flat utility bench by placing the supporting knee and hand on the bench. Position the foot of your opposite leg slightly back and to the side

SUPERSET: Seated cable Rows>Seated single arm cable rows Seated Curl bar Cable Row Lat Pull Down Kneeling Straight bar underhand pull down SUPERSET: Reverse push-ups (AMRAP)>Smith Machine Bent over rows Show you by Marshmello I N S T A @ famme for sportswear, nordic design and worldwide shippin The barbell rows vs power cleans debate comes up because of Starting Strength and Stronglifts. In a previous edition of Starting Strength, barbell rows could be used as a substitute for power cleans. This option has been removed in the current edition because barbell rows consistently produces inferior results A bent-over row (or barbell row) is a weight training exercise that targets a variety of back muscles. Which ones are targeted varies on form. The bent over row is often used for both bodybuilding and powerlifting. It is a good exercise for increasing strength and size

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Bent-Over Rows (Barbell) Performance Description: Stand with your legs about shoulder-width apart and slightly bent, grasp the barbell with an overhand grip (i.e. palms facing inward, toward your body) that is wider than shoulder-width (as this is necessary for the back to be properly targeted), and, keeping your back straight, lift the weight. Inverted Row Benefits: • Great for beginners, with easy progression. • Activates the upper and mid back muscles of the trapezius, rhomboids, and latissimus dorsi. • Less compressive force to the spine when compared to the bent-over row, making it more suitable for those with lower back issues. Technique Dumbbell One Arm Row Tips. Keep your elbow in close to your side to keep the focus on your back muscles; not on your arms or shoulders. Plus, you can lift heavier weight when the dumbbell is closer in INTRODUCTION: PENDLAY ROW VS BENT OVER BARBELL ROW . The Row is regarded as one of the best upper body exercises available, as it strengthens and develops a key muscle group that is often neglected- the back. There are many different variations you can perform which uses your bodyweight, dumbbells, or barbells

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A Low Pulley Row is a better choice for people with back issues. Also, just like with the bent knee dead-lift, if you have a healthy back, ensure perfect form and never slouch the back forward as this can cause back injury. Be cautious as well with the weight used; in case of doubt, use less weight rather than more Find detailed information, images and tips on how to perform Dumbbell Bent Over Row. Jefit has one of the largest exercise databases in any workout app or website. With 1300+ exercises, members can find exercises that suits their needs and can adding into their workout routines for progress trackin Seated Cable Rows. rounded-over position, which can cause injury. it can become more of an issue as keeping the knees bent will help take pressure off the. The barbell row, also known as the bent-over barbell row, is a challenging movement that engages your latissimus dorsi (or lats), rhomboids and trapezius. Your body position forces the erector spinae of your lower back, as well as other stabilizer muscles such as your hamstrings, glutes, abs and obliques, to kick in to stabilize your body

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Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Seated Machine Row The seated machine row is a great alternative to exercises such as the bent over barbell row for those that're experiencing lower back issues (or don't have access to an Olympic barbell) palms in bent-over dumbbell row is a exercise for those with a beginner level of physical fitness and exercise experience. Watch the palms in bent-over dumbbell row video, learn how to do the palms in bent-over dumbbell row , and then be sure and browse through the palms in bent-over dumbbell row workouts on our workout plans page

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bent over rows have always been my staple for back. at 57 years old I still rely on them to keep my back strong. gone are the days of heavy,now I concentrate on feel and form. 200lbs tops for 12 reps 4 sets. I still use pulldowns for the pump and dumbells for upper middle back. but it starts with bent over rows i prefer overhand, i used to do yates rows alot when i was younger but found i added alot of mass with barbell rows.. my personal best is 275lb/ 15 reps clean, i have been using a snatch grip and a full bent over row instead of just throwing the weight around.. full controlled movement: 6 years ago: Post 33 • IP flag pos Bent Over Rows or T-Bar Rows (Overhand Grip) - 5 Sets One Arm DB Rows - 4 Sets Behind the neck Pulldowns superset with close grip cable row - 4 sets HyperExtensions are done somewhere in there too On a different day I come back and do deadlifts and Reverse-Hypers T-Bar had been giving me such a problem I wanted to see if I might be doing it wrong Bent over barbell row, lat pulldown, cable rows, and single db rows are my favorites but these are all great! More information Find this Pin and more on Lat workout by Lynn Madden DePalermo Form is always a must for every exercise no matter who u are.. Just because u go in the gym and stack 405lbs on the bar and do bent over rows with crappy form versus goin in the gym and slapping 225lbs on a bar and doing correct form concentrating on the muscle u are trying to work, if ur form is crappy then ur gonna risk the chance of injury.

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Workout 1 Bent Over Barbell Rows: 3 sets x 6-8 reps Seated Cable Rows: 3 sets x 8-12 reps V-Bar Pull-Downs: 3 sets x 12 reps Barbell Shrugs: 3 sets x 6-8 reps Hyperextensions: 3 sets x 12 reps Workout 2 Bent Over 2 Dumbbell Row: 3 sets x 8-12 reps Reverse Grip Bent Over Row: 3 sets x 6-8 reps Clos Seated Cable Row Exercise Guide. The seated cable row (seated pulley row) is a key muscle builder and strength developer for your back. However, good technique is important if you are to achieve optimum results safely. Keep in mind that this is a deceptively complex exercise, with stiff penalties for poor execution

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If you're looking to create a badass back workout, I highly recommend you pick the T-Bar Row for either the first or second exercise of the routine. If you don't have a way to perform T-Bar Rows, however, the Barbell Bent-Over Row is an excellent substitute and if used properly isn't really that much inferior to the T-Bar Row I would try a bent over double row, which is more difficult, since you don't have the bracing action of the bench but should be easier than the seated row. Honestly, the only time I do seated rows is with a cable attachment A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that the standing bent-over row put the largest load on the lumbar spine compared to the inverted row or standing one-arm cable row. If the standing bent-over row causes lower-back pain, try the inverted row with a suspension trainer or hanging under a barbell Seated rows are a staple in any back workout. Tip Make sure to bring your shoulder blades as far back as you can and keep your back straight. Seated Row Spotter Information: Spotting the seated row can be done either by pulling the cable down (standing), or kneel and push the weight. This exercise is fairly difficult to spot

The T-Bar row, also known as the close grip barbell row, is an excellent exercise to use if you are trying to target your upper back. A variation of the bent over row, the T-bar row allows one to utilize a more neutral grip which can help alleviate some of the tension placed on the shoulder joint I don't have a double-sided cable column available. RagingRanter Says: September 25th, 2010 at 9:03 pm. I find that free standing bent-over dumbbell rows also work great. You tend to get more of a squeeze in the upper back with the chest supported dumbbell row, while the free-standing dumbbell row hits mainly your lats. Both are great exercises This week it's the deadlift vs the pull up vs the barbell row. every rep during a set of bent over barbell rows. rows, cable and machine work can always be. Bent over rows are not bad for your back when you are used to handling the weight. However, when your bent over row (AKA Pendlay Row) is pretty close to your deadlift weight, as happens on SL5x5, then it's hard to balance it all out. For example, I'm an over 500 lbs deadlifter and can comfortably row 200 lbs for reps Muscles Targeted: Seated cable rows are one of the best exercises for targeting your back muscles.It develops your latissimus dorsi (lats), teres major and trapezius. The lats cover the lower and middle portions of the back, originating from the spine and the top of the hip bone and attaching to the upper arm #9 Reverse Grip Bent Over Rows. This is a variation to the much more popular bent over rows, it is designed to target the lower latissimus dorsi. However, the lower lats are closer to the insertion point and far from the 'belly' or middle of the muscle