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If the quirky and unusual appeal to you, take a look at our list of the best indie games for the PS4. While big budget games rely on predictability and slow-paced, practical innovation, indie. You've got to hand it to Sony in the indie gaming department. Ever since PlayStation 4's early E3 announcement, the company made it clear they would be supporting independent gaming by making it easier than ever for publishers to get their games on to the console. And that means there's now a.

If you're new to PS4 or have been lucky enough to own one for a while, check out our list of the best ps4 indie games that you can buy for it The Best PS4 Indie Games on PSN. We searched high and low across the PlayStation Network to round up the best indie games available for the PlayStation 4

10 amazing PS4 indie games you have to play but this indie PS4 game proves local multiplayer is still going strong. But as one of the first high profile indie games to launch on the. If the quirky and unusual appeal to you, take a look at our list of the best indie games for the PS4. Page 2 | While big budget games rely on predictability and slow-paced, practical innovation. Contrast, an indie game developed by Compulsion Games is available to PS Plus members for free along with ResoGun and in the future Driveclub: PS Plus Edition. How to Upgrade PS3 Games to PS4 Discover 25 of the most anticipated upcoming indie games of 2019 & beyond with our ultimate list, including games for Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC Indie gaming is a huge part of the PlayStation 4 experience, with 917 titles now available for download on the format. When Microsoft and Sony first went to war in the lead-up to the release of.

River City Melee: Battle Royal Special. PSN Game. PS4 Supergiant Games presents Transistor, a strategy game by the creators of indie superhit BAstion. Transistor features a colorful and futuristic world, in which the player fights from a Diablo-like view and blasts away powerful attacks with clean and attractive animations.Transistor releases May 20th, 2014 on the PlayStation 4 and will be $19.99 The best indie games keep getting better and better. Read on to find the best indie games in 2018. The 35 best indie games on PC and consoles. Super Meat Boy lept onto the PS4 and Vita.

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6 of the Best Local Co-Op Indies the PS4 Was Graced With in 2016. 2016 has been an absolutely amazing year for indie games on the PlayStation 4. The list of indies that have made their way to the console this year alone is a long one, and anyone looking for easily accessible couch co-op. While big budget games rely on practical innovation, indie games dive head first into new, unexplored territories. If the quirky and unusual appeal to you, take a look at our list of the best indie games on PS4

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  1. While big budget games rely on practical innovation, indie games dive head first into new, unexplored territories. If the quirky and unusual appeal to you, take a look at our list of the best.
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  3. d, I decided to delve into my handsomely expanding library and bring you some of the best PS4 indie games there are

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However, these indie games for Playstation 4 showed the world the best indie games that could be found on the PS4 and we see why after having played them ourselves. Now then folks our indie games for Playstation 4 list has come to an end but our site continues forth The Best Indie Games of 2019 on Switch, PS4, Xbox - My Time At Portia (Pic: Daily Star). When it comes to choosing your next game, it's not just the big studio release schedule you should be keeping an eye on Super Meat Boy Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4 Super Meat Boy was one of the first high-selling indie games. Well, it was the first big indie game that I can personally remember. It's a platforming game where you're playing as a cube of meat (sorry Vegans) that's trying to save his girlfriend

If you're a fan of Metroidvanias who isn't afraid of an uphill battle, Dead Cells is one of the best indie games on PS4 in both genres. Read out full review of Dead Cells. Enter the Gungeon. Enter the Gungeon has the fast play of a bullet hell shooter sandwiched inside a rogue-like progression system The Best Indie Games on PS4 (April 2019) April 27, 2019 April 27, 2019 mazenzbib 54 Views 0 Comments min read The PlayStation 4 is home to some of the best blockbuster exclusives around. This year alone brought us standout hits like God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man. While big budget games. Amazon.com: ps4 indie games. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. Al

I have played lots of indie games on the PS4 as well and I'll list some of my favorites hidden gems here. I'll try to avoid some well known games such as Binding of Isaac, Nuclear Throne, Shantae series, Don't Starve, Spelunky, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Enter the Gungeon and many other great games to focus on more obscure titles From the Xbox One and PC, to the Nintendo Switch and PS Vita, there's no better time to dive into the indie game scene than 2017. If you own a PlayStation 4, you may be wondering what indies are worth keeping an eye on. Well, wonder no more, as we've put together a list of the top 9 indie games to check out on the PS4 in 2017

Stock up on some offbeat titles by checking out our list of some of the best indie games you can get for the PS4. Taking one look at the PlayStation Store will reveal the overwhelming amount of support the PS4 gets from indie game developers INDIE GAME OF THE WEEK - Figment . Developed by Bedtime Digital Games - Available now on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. On the surface, Figment is just another colourful action adventure game. But delve deeper, and you'll find an inventive and meaningful portrayal of mental trauma

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Unfortunately, for all that we do know about PS4 development, there are a lot of specifics that are still locked behind non-disclosure agreements. What will the PS4 storefront look like, and will it do a good job featuring indie games? What percentage of royalties does Sony take on games downloaded through this storefront I've been tracking limited and exclusive titles for the PS4 as well as indie games (games released by smaller publishers or games not typically released in physical format). I also like to track exclusive games for each region (I don't collect Asia-specific stuff for the moment, so I haven't concentrated on that, though I'd be curious if there are any English-language/subtitled games that are. There are plenty of great games to look forward to in 2018, but with all the big-name titles to anticipate, it can be easy to let some of the smaller gems slip under your radar. Here are 39.

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The upcoming PS4 games for 2019 and beyond. By Andy Hartup, Sam Loveridge 2019-05-16T16:01:28Z Feature . The hottest upcoming PS4 games - including Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2 and more Supermassive Games' schlock horror is an absolute must play on the PS4, taking the adventure game format popularised by Quantic Dream and Telltale, and delivering a fright-fest that's both. Top 100 PS4 Indie Games. Indie games have played a big part in the video game industry this generation and helped fill the gap between triple AAA titles. What I like about the indie games is that the developers are able to take risks by trying different ideas which can lead to very unique games Nov 20, 2013 · PS4 v Xbox One: indie game developers have their say This article is more than 5 years old Independent game developers have been at the centre of the next-gen console war - now, here are their.

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10 Best Indie Platformer Video Games On PS4. Sony in particular have been strengthening their ties with indie developers to dish out a seemingly endless supply of these games through PS Plus. Even the PC Gaming show was about 10% less dry than last year due to a few more interesting indie games — only two of which were interesting enough to make this list of the best indie games at.

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Best PS4 Games. Sony's PlayStation 4 game library has something for just about everyone. Whether you picked up a PS4 on launch day or want to get one now, there's a healthy selection of titles you. Five Awesome Indie Games Coming to PS4. by PS4 Home July 24, 2013 July 24, 2013 0 12. Share 0. With loads of mainstream games been covered in the media, here are a few indie games that you may not have heard much about that are coming to PS4. The Witness Some of them are concrete proof that it doesn't take a massive budget to produce an entertaining game. Not all indie titles are worth your time, but some of them are true gems, just waiting to be discovered. Here's our roundup of PS4 indie games you should try in 2016. ADR1FT. This is one indie game that will have space fans salivating Get Team17 Indie Collection, Action game for PS4 console from the official PlayStation website. Explore Team17 Indie Collection game detail, demo, images, videos, reviews

Planet Alpha - PC/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch (Q3 2018). Planet Alpha from Team17 was one of the best looking indie games that I had the chance to play this year. While the does technically use. The best PS4 indie games - 2016. John-Paul Jones / December 27, 2016. It can be tough to keep up with all the releases that occur in a given year. Doubly so, it can be even harder to keep up. Access Vita, PSM, PS3 & PS4 Dev Kit. Self publish on PlayStation Network, advertise your game to the best audience and get the support you need. Learn more How the Xbox One and PS4 are helping bring Chinese indie games to the West. New, 1 A lot of Chinese indie game developers grew up playing console games instead of mobile games, he.

The indie PS4 bundle will be available at the Humble store through Feb. 12. The games will be delivered via email in the form of codes redeemable at the PlayStation Store We will, of course, continue updating this list regularly as more games are released for the PS4. We've capped the list at 12, and in the months and years to come will continue to remove old.

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Classic dungeon crawling, couch co-op and guest skins from beloved indie games. Hello! I'm Vanessa Chia, Co-founder and Art Director at Cococucumber, the developers of Planet of the Eyes. I am very pleased to announce that Riverbond, a charming voxel 'shoot and slash', will be coming this. The newest PS4 vs. Xbox One battles are over how the two consoles will handle Indie games, and so far PS4 is getting the edge according to reports The Best Cheap PS4 Games Under $20. by Cortney Moore Mar 5, 2019, 6:40 AM. The Best Cheap PS4 Games Under $20. Great games don't necessarily have to carry monster price tags. Whether you like. Indie gamesPS4 Video Games2 Video Games Encyclopedia by Gamepressure.com. PlayStation 4 is the 8th generation console from Sony. It was released on November 15th, 2013 in North America and two weeks later, on November 29th, in Europe What makes you buy a ps4 for indie-games? The PS3 can easily handle them too right? Or is it about the new content? I don't think anyone buys a PS4/X1/PC specifically for indie games, but they can be a lot of fun. Reply. 0 Kudos Report

However, while there are some great indie horror video games, there are plenty that aren't that great. That's why we here at Honey's Anime have done some homework to bring you the top 10 indie horror video games. For an indie horror video game to be considered great they have to prove a few things first KOI is a PS4 game that combines the best of chinese games and indie games. Published by oasis games and developed by Dotoyou, the player assumes the role of a lone koi on its epic journey to return home A video games console is defined by its exclusive titles, so what can the Xbox One offer in the indie department that the PS4 cannot? List of PlayStation 4 indies not available on Xbox On

The best indie games on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 WIRED's pick of the best alternative games to play this Christmas. These hidden gems will improve everyone's festive period Microsoft has recently made great efforts towards closing the gap with Sony on the indie front. In a future feature, we will provide a full list of Microsoft's indie exclusives. [Note: This is a list of new-gen home console exclusives and timed exclusives. Basically, games that will appear on PlayStation 4 but not Xbox One A few years ago, he left Konami to start a Kickstarter for his own indie game, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, a spiritual successor to SOTN. It's a new metroidvania title from the man who created the term. Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night will release on the PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, and Xbox One sometime next year Jun 26, 2014 · The ID@Xbox program enables anyone to self-publish their own games, but this hasn't stopped the PS4 from gathering an early advantage when it comes to the indie games it offers compared to Xbox One The Indie Games You'll Love to Play. The PS Vita system has become the home for some of the newest, highest-rated, and most loved Indie Games that you can play on any gaming platform. Immerse yourself in the fresh, inventive Indie Gaming worlds on PS Vita system, with its brilliant graphics and incredible controls

10 Best PS4 Indie Games You Should Check Out. Probably the most certifiably indie game on this list, Night In the Woods is a lo-fi effort that's all about the small things. There's. But what about other indie games from the PlayStation 3? You've probably got one of those still kicking around your closet, and a few of the purchases you make will transfer to your Ps4. Whatever the case, here's a few other indie titles from the PS3 era definitely worth your time

The Wolf Among Us, Transistor, and Thomas Was Alone are probably your best bets out of the 11 options considered. A really enjoyable interactive story is the primary reason people pick The Wolf Among Us over the competition. This page is powered by a knowledgeable community that helps you make an informed decision PSN flash sale discounts a bunch of PS4 indie games. this particular flash sale actually has quite a few indie games that might be worth checking out. Of course, that's assuming you haven. While they might be small in size, indie games often contain very big ideas - and even better yet, new experiences. These new experiences sometimes come in the shape of new combat systems or. Top 5 Indie games you have to play in 2018 By Lola at Friday, January 26, 2018 12:34:00 PM My game of the year for 2017 was an Indie game ( Hellblade ), and although I don't think we'll soon get something as exceptional, there are a few very promising Indies releasing this year

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The world of indie games has always been one of big ideas in small packages. Here are developers expressing themselves through the art of video game development, taking risks where many mainstream. The Humble community has contributed over $148 million to charity since 2010, making an amazing difference to causes all over the world

Roads between towns are filled with dangerous beasts and men. Only a handful of people take on the journey to deliver messages, clear foes, and perform other unsavory tasks Video Games Diamonds in the rough: Indie games you probably missed at E3 2017. Done reading up on your most-anticipated E3 blockbusters? Check out these stellar indie titles we caught at the show More Reports All Games > PS4 Xbox One PC Switch Wii U 3DS PS Vita iOS Legacy TV What to Watch Now on Prime Video. More Reports All TV > New Shows Best of Netflix Best of Amazon Best TV Shows Browse TV by Genre Music.

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Every year, many of the best and brightest minds in video games converge in San Francisco to attend the Game Developers Conference. Many of them bring along brand new games ready for their moment in the spotlight. From the large GDC Play area and the Indie Megabooth to specially curated showcases. Rime (stylized as RiME) is an adventure puzzle video game developed by Tequila Works.The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in May 2017, and for the Nintendo Switch in November 2017. The game follows a boy arriving at and searching a mysterious island with a fox-like spirit as a guide Hello there! My name is Javier Gerona and I'm one of the developers of Inverge Studios, a small indie game studio from Spain. Today I come to the PlayStation.Blog to talk about our latest video game Effie, a 3D action-adventure platformer game coming to PS4 June 4 Best PS4 games FAQ: quick questions answered. What is the most popular PS4 game? Well, your tastes might not match everyone else's, but everything on the list below is on Game's bestseller list. Octodad: Dadliest Catch. By far the most baffling game featured as part of PS4's indie push, Octodad: Dadliest Catch sees you assume the role of an octopus everyman

For PlayStation 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled What are all the indie horror games for PS4? Sep 07, 2013 · 5 Amazing Looking Indie Video Games Coming To The PS4. Erik Kain There are other games like Blacklight Retribution coming to PS4, but that game is already on PC. The ones listed here are yet. PAX East has begun and Kotaku is here to check out the giant selection of indie games present and the best convention snack spread on the East coast. If you spot us (me) give a shout! If you spot. 12 Big New Indie Games Announced for PS4 and PS Vita. Yesterday, Sony decided to host an indie game showcase, showing off the staggering variety of quality indie content that is coming to the. Well, usually, anyways Here is an example of one that is a full-priced $60, a bit of an anomaly for now but hey, game development is only getting more expensive It looks really nice like a big budget AAA game, and that video shows off quite a bit of what you can do in this game, in case you were wondering There it is being shown off on-stage at E3, getting a huge marketing push like a big.

A horror game we have already covered extensively here at OnlySP and for good reason. A scary and dark sci-fi horror coming to PS4 and PC, set to make even the bravest cry and be disturbed Flower was originally released on PS3, but this past holiday season it hit the Vita and PS4, too. The PS4 version's enhanced visuals make it an even greater treat. of beautiful indie games. Yeah, the meh, an INDIE game, I'll wait situation already seems bad enough on PS4 because people seem to think every single indie game will come to PS+ (which greatly underestimates the amount of indies on PS+ Playstation Development Wiki, Hacks, PS3, PS4, PS5 and Development Information. Indie Development. From PS4 Developer wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Homebrew and Indie Development . Game Titles · Indie Development. 18 indie games to look forward to in 2018. [my favorite upcoming indie game]? Just know that I have a rule: I can't use any games that I used in past lists, even if they haven't come out yet.

There are a huge number of Indie games that are out now for the Ps4 and many more are on their way. Are they good enough too fill the void of Triple A. We discuss whether the lack of Triple A Games and a lack of announced exclusives for the PS4 a big deal and whether the Indie games are a good thing. Narco Strike 10mins ago Released Mar 28, 2019 First Person Shooter . Action game based on real events, in which you take on the role of a drug dealer who must fight to escape from prison and return to the streets Nintendo Just Launched A Huge Eshop Sale On Some Great Games (US) Following today's Nindies Showcase, a US-only Nintendo eshop sale is offering huge discounts on some of the Switch's best indie. > As a game developer, what does it take to make a PS4 game? It's not that different from making any other indie game, you can make one with Steam. When you have something really good to show you will want to go through the process of registeri..

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Where mainstream games often learned merely to count one number higher, indies were again experimenting with graphics, sound, gameplay, genre and platforms. The top 10 indie games of 2013 are presented slightly different this year and will be going forward Si has encontrado este artículo es porque eres un amante de los indie games, y por lo tanto ya no puedes abandonar esta web. A partir de ahora 'Juegos indie games' de Cinematte será tu página referente sobre esta tendencia artística que cada vez esta dando más momentos de gloria al ocio interactivo, es decir, a los amantes del videojuego Gaming & Culture — The indies are coming: Hands-on with 10 of the PS4's independent darlings Sony's outreach to smaller developers pays off with a number of offbeat titles books gaming indie games list novellas novels pc ps4 reading steam stories xbox. Indie News Press Release WWII simulator 'Bomber Crew' coming to consoles on July 10. Travis LeFevre June 11, 2018 August 2, 2018. by Travis LeFevre June 11, 2018 August 2, 2018 0 Though Microsoft recently rolled back its policies on self-publishing, now allowing indie games to appear on the Xbox One with ease, Sony never made such a blunder against the indie crowd. Because.

I have always preferred Xbox, but I'm real upset about this lack of Indie game support, I'm still going to wait and see what happens yet as I am still in two minds. I think it's quite exciting that you can develop for PS4 with Unity though, that's something I am looking forward to May 01, 2014 · The Guardian - Back to home. He also said that over one hundred indie games are currently in development for the three platforms. one of a dozen fresh indie titles coming to PS4 this yea If you thought 2017 was a good year for indie games (we certainly did, our overall GOTY was one) just wait till you see what 2018 has in store. This is a list of some of the highlights of next.