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The Havanese, also known as the Bichon Havanais (or 'Habanero'), and the Havana Silk Dog, the Havanese breed is thought to be descended from the Old World Bichon types of small companion dogs, such as the often-painted Italian Bichon of Bologna (the Bolognese) or the Maltese. Over the centuries, interesting variations developed into. Bichon Frise Temperament, Personality, Behavior, Traits, and Characteristics, by Michele Welton The AKC Standard calls the Bichon Frise a white powder puff of a dog whose merry temperament is evidenced by his plumed tail carried jauntily over the back and his dark-eyed inquisitive expression The cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and Bichon Frise, Yorkie Bichon, is a designer dog known for their cute looks and low maintenance costs. This toy dog, with a blunt muzzle, black nose, round skull and eyes, and a long tail, has been recognized by different names Bichon havanais stammer fra det vestlige middelhavsområde og er oprindelig udviklet langs de spanske og italienske kyster. Den er formentlig tidligt kommet til Cuba med søfolk på langfart. De små hunde var efterspurgt af øens velbjergede damer, så de blev brugt som bestikkelse eller som handelsvare Bichon Havanais' holder meget af børn, andre hunde, katte og mindre husdyr, hvis hunden får gode oplevelser med dem fra hvalp. En Bichon Havanais bryder sig dog ikke om at blive drillet, og vil ofte trække sig fra legen eller træningen, hvis den føler sig presset eller uretfærdigt behandlet

En bichon havanais er samtidig god til andre husdyr, så hvis du i forvejen holder kat og overvejer at anskaffe dig en bichon havanais, skal du ikke frygte, at der opstår komplikationer. Denne race har nemlig temperament som sit udseende, og det betyder, at den er meget venligsindet og har et roligt temperament More Havanese Information and Other Dog Breed Facts: https://dogell.com/dog-breed/havanese. Other Names Bichon Habanero, Havanese Cuban Bichon, Bichon Havanais. Bichon Frise Temperament and Personality. The Bichon is a happy, curious dog with a cheerful attitude toward life. His gentle manner and playfulness endear him to everyone he meets, and few people fail to be amused by his clownish antics. With people and other pets, the Bichon is affectionate and lively Havanese Dog Breed Info & Pictures. The Havanese is a Toy breed that sports a bit more length than height. The large, almond-shaped eyes are dark brown in color, wide-set and feature an expression of soft yet mischievous intelligence

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Havanese Temperament. The Havanese is a toy dog with a big personality, and has bags of character and an outgoing, friendly disposition. The national dog of Cuba, the Havanese is a dog that loves to play, loves the company of his owners, and is sweet natured and mild mannered The Havanese was named after Cuba's capital city, Havana. They are a member of the Bichon family which also includes the Coton de Tulear, Bichon Frise and the Bolognese. The Bichon breeds are thought to have originated in the Mediterranean and then were taken to various parts of the world as people migrated The Bichon Frise is a small, sturdy, white powder puff of a dog whose merry temperament is evidenced by his plumed tail carried jauntily over the back and his dark-eyed inquisitive expression

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  1. The Havanese descends from the same ancestor as the entire Bichon family, the Tenerife. Share The Havanese is the National Dog of Cuba and the country's only native breed (Havana = Havanese)
  2. Discover The Cheerful Havanese Temperament #havaneseofiran #havaneserliebe #havanesedogsfullgrown More information Find this Pin and more on Havanese by Dannies Dogs
  3. The Yorkshire terrier and the bichon frise are both small dogs, but other than that they don't have a lot in common. When crossed together, creating a Yochon or borkie, it's difficult to predict appearance or temperament, since the two breeds differ so much. The cross is a hybrid, or designer dog, not a purebred canine
  4. List of Havanese mixed breed dogs. Links going to dogs mixed with the Havanese with dog information and pictures
  5. temperament This is a busy, curious dog, happiest when residing at the center of attention of the family. The Havanese loves to play and clown and is affectionate to family, children, strangers, other dogs, and pets—basically everyone
  6. The Havanese is one of the Barbichon (later shortened to Bichon) family of small dogs originating in the Mediterranean in ancient times. Spanish traders brought some of these dogs with them as gifts for Cuban women, allowing them to establish trading relationships. In Cuba, the little dogs were pampered as the special pets of the wealthy
  7. Bichon Havanais, Havana Silk Dog, Bichon Havanese, Havaneser, Bichon Habanero Temperament: This breed gets along well with children and other pets. They also do.

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  1. Temperament is affected by a number of factors, including heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and playful, willing to approach people and be held by them
  2. he predecessors of the Bichon Havanais arrived to Cuba with Spanish settlers in the XVI century. These lapdogs, which belonged to the Bichon family, were poorly accommodated for the Cuban climate.
  3. The name Crested Havanese comes from its two parent breeds: the Chinese Crested and Havanese, which is also known as the Bichon Havanais or Havana Silk Dog. The Chinese Crested has a somewhat debated history. Many believe it originated in Africa from an ancient hairless breed and migrated to Asia on merchant ships during the 1200s
  4. Potential Havanese owners need to be aware of the following pros and cons associated with this toy dog breed. Pros of owning a Havanese include the dog's lively, responsive and affectionate temperament. Havanese dogs are excellent family dogs that enjoy interacting with older children, who can treat the small dog with respect

You can find puppies from the same littler looking quite different and growing up to be different in temperament and health. To get a sense of where the Havachon comes from lets take a brief look at the parents. The Bichon Frise. A lot of dogs come with unclear origins and the Bichon Frise is one of them The Havachon is a hybrid dog that comes from cross-breeding a Havanese (Havanais) with a Bichon Frise. While some Havachons will get more of their Havanese parent than their Bichon Frise side, and vice-versa, there is always the chance of an even mix of traits that any given Havachon will inherit

Kennel Aymilu er et lille, seriøst familieopdræt af racen Bichon Havanais. Vi fokuserer især på temperament og socialisering, da vores mål er at skabe glade og stabile familiehunde. En sund sjæl bor i et sundt legeme, og vi avler derfor kun på fysisk stærke, sunde og smukke hunde, der både er avlsgodkendte af uddannede dommere og. Shichon a.k.a Zuchon is a designer dog breed which is cross between Bichon Frisé and Shih Tzu. This small dog is often called a teddy bear dog with its sweet round eyes and fluffy, often textured coat The bichon frise (pronounced bee-SHON free-ZAY) is thought to be a descendant of the water spaniel and was known in the Mediterranean area as far back as the Middle Ages. Some historians believe the breed actually originated in the Canary Islands and was brought to Europe by sailors Last Video ⬇️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEjWjIyZYEc&t=85s _____ SUBSCRIBE! https://www.youtube.com/patric..

Being very similar in both appearance and temperament, Havanese and Coton de Tulear may be little difficult to distinguish as who is who. However, there are some important differences exhibited between them and those are discussed in this article The Havanese, also known as the Havanese Cuban Bichon, Bichon Havanais, Bichon Havanes, Havaneser, Havanezer and Bichon Habanero, originated in Cuba. The Havanese originated by way of the Blanquito de la Habana or the Havanese Silk Dog, which is now an extinct breed The Havanese is a very personable little dog with a friendly temperament. The breed loves to interact with humans and if it has the chance to be the centre of attention, it'll take it. Known for its affectionate and bubbly nature, the Havanese is an energetic breed, playful and great with children The Bichon Frise (pronounced BEE-shawn FREE-say; the plural is Bichons Frises) is a cheerful, small dog breed with a love of mischief and a lot of love to give. With his black eyes and fluffy. The Havanese is a member of the widely traveled Bichon family, which includes the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Coton de Tulear and Bolognese. It shares those breeds' typically happy, friendly temperament and soft, abundant coat

Bichon Havanais og Coton De Tulear tilhører gruppen af selskabshunde. Det er små livlige hunde med meget pels, og et hengivent og legelystent temperament. Hundene er i generationer fremavlet til at holde mennesker med selskab, og dette giver nogle typiske fællestræk Bichon Havanais er en lille, livlig hund, kortbenet, med en lang, rigelig og blød pels, der foretrækkes bølget. Dens bevægelse er frisk og spændstig. Skulderhøjden skal være mellem 21 til 29 cm. Kroppen skal være en smule længere end højden Bichon havanais er en lille og livlig selskabshund. I familien er den elskelig, hengiven og meget optaget af at lege med familiens børn. Den har et charmerende væsen og er altid oplagt til narrestreger. Den er opmærksom og alarmerer om alt, hvad den finder usædvanligt. Den lange pels kræver en betydelig indsats med børste og kam

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(Bichon Frise vs Havanese) dog breed atlas. Temperament Good With Facts. Good With First Time Owners (Novice Owners) Bichon Frise. Havanese. Affectionate With Family Temperament. The Maltichon is a cheerful, playful and friendly little dog. He is very responsive and loving, has lots of energy and loves to be the center of attention. He is intelligent and gentle and since he loves to be with his owner all the time training is usually moderately easy The Bichon Havanais, or Havanese, seems to have been descended from a variety of small, Bichon-type dogs that traveled with Spanish and Italian sailors to Cuba. They were possibly bred with a now extinct poodle type from South America to produce a wavy coat which was also silky, but it may be that they simply expressed a wavy coat trait through. The Bichon Frise is overall white in color, but at times shades of apricot, buff, or cream may be found around the ears, mouth and feet. Bichon Frise Breed Temperament. While it may be small in size, it is packed full of love, making the bichon frise is a delightful addition to the family The Bichon Maltese mix, also called a Maltichon, is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Maltese. These mixed breed dogs are often given specific names, but keep in mind that they are not a separate dog breed. According to Maltichon owners, these dogs are very affectionate and look like fluffy, white cotton balls. Read more about this Maltese.

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Children - The Bichon Frise is very child friendly. The Yorkshire Terrier does okay around kids, but is not as tolerant as the Bichon Frise. Grooming - Both breeds require very high amounts of grooming. Barking - The Yorkshire Terrier has an above-average tendency to bark, while the Bichon Frise is an average barker havanese toy dog breed facts, personality traits, human compatibility info, lifespan, photos, size and coat color charts from the online dog encyclopedia dogsindepth.com the online dog encyclopedia

(Bichon Havanais) (Havana Silk Dog) The Havanese is an elegant breed with distinctive fur. Round and covered in soft fur is their small happy faces. Bright almond shaped eyes appear perky and a black nose ends their square muzzle. This is very important to the breed as it reflects a lot of character and soul in their expression The Bichon Havanais, or Havanese, seems to have been descended from a variety of small, bichon-type dogs that traveled with Spanish and Italian sailors to Cuba. They were possibly bred with a now extinct poodle type from South America to produce a wavy coat which was also silky, but it may be that they simply expressed a wavy coat trait through.

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  1. My wonderful, Snuggles, came from a Bichon rescue in Sturtevant, Wisconsin. I can't adequately descr... ibe the joy she brought to my family. Adopt from a Rescue organization because you will be saving an animal, who, in turn, will give you more luv than you can imagine
  2. The Havanais, also known as the Bichon Havanais, the Havana Silk Dog, and the Bichon Havanese, is a breed of dog in the Toy Group. The little intelligent and sensitive Havanais is best described as a friend to all as this breed gets along with all animals and people of all ages
  3. g styles | Perry haircut before and after pics - mommy has mixed feeling - Show More information Find this Pin and more on Havanese by Amber McDonnell
  4. Selv om bichon havanais er en selskabshund, så er det meget vigtigt, at hunden bliver stimuleret. Når man nu engang har sådan en lærevillig, kvik, klog og lærenem hunderace, er det da bare med at udnytte det. Men det skal selvfølgelig være en fornøjelse for alle parter, som Anne Mette udtrykker det
  5. Also known as the Cuban Shock Dog, the Bichon Havanais, the Havana Spaniel, the Havana Bichon or simply the Havana, this breed has been a high-status family pet on the island of Cuba for several centuries. History. With the arrival of Castro's Communist regime in 1959, the Havanese fell out of favour and became rare on the island
  6. Dandy Daisy Warrior have Bichon Havanese and Lowchen dogs. The Bichon Havanese and the Lowchen are a member of the Bichon family which includes the Bichon Frise, Coton de Tulear, Bichon Bolognese, Maltese, Tvetnaya Bolonka, and the Franzuskaya Bolonka

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Havanese, also referred to as the Havana Silk Dog, The Bichon Havanais and the Bichon Havanese the Bichon Havanais, the Havana, is a the dog belongs to the Toy group. Havanese Dog Breed Info & Picture The Bichon Havanais is a dog of small size. BODY: The body is a little longer than the height, the ribs rounded, the flanks well-raised, the line of the back ends with a well-descended croup. LEGS: The legs are straight, quite seches (lean; literally: dry ), the toes elongated and seches Havanese (Bichon Havanais) Posted in Toy Group A Breed Standard is the guideline which describes the ideal characteristics, temperament and appearance of a breed and ensures that the breed is fit for function with soundness essential The Cheenese or Havanese Chihuahua mix is a sturdy little cross between the Havanese and the Chihuahua. It is a designer dog characterized by a full muzzle slightly tapering at the nose, dark brown eyes, short to medium-sized ears, a somewhat longer body than its height at the withers, and a tail that is often [ Homemade Thanksgiving Treats for Your Dog. NUTRITION We all want to include our dogs in our holiday celebrations, but hopefully, you're aware that sharing table scraps with your dog isn't always the best idea

Bichon Frise is a small and cute looking dog with gentle and steady temperament. They have a tendency to bond with everyone in the family especially with children. They are quite enthusiastic and playful and get along well with other dogs and pets Everything Bichon Bichon is the name for a category of dog breeds. Their appearance varies but they have a common characteristic, which is their tail curled over their back, fur that doesn't readily shed, has a short snout, drop ears, and large, dark eyes Shih Tzu Bichon Frise mix temperament: This dog has a mixture of its parents' traits. Most Shih Tzu Bichon Frise mixed dogs are extremely intelligent but at the same time they can show signs of stubbornness which makes them a little bit more difficult to housebreak

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The Bichon Frise is a small, sturdy, white powder puff of a dog whose merry temperament is evidenced by his plumed tail carried jauntily over the back and his dark-eyed inquisitive expression. This is a breed that has no gross or incapacitating exaggerations and therefore there is no inherent reason for lack of balance or unsound movement Bichon is the name for a type of related non-sporting category dog breeds. They vary in appearance, but all have tails curled over their back, a coat that is hair rather than fur that doesn't readily shed, short snouts, drop ears, and large, dark eyes

The Bichon Frise is a breed which does not shed fur. These dogs do not smell bad , and their fur is like angora wool, so they can be kept by allergic people. Temperament. The Bichon is known all over the world as an anti-stress dog, and in the West the breed is used in animal-assisted therapy Description: The Havanese is related to the Bichon Frise and may be referred to as the Bichon Havanese or as the Havana Silk Dog. Havanese are known as the National Dog of Cuba. They are a happy, outgoing, small dog whose temperament and trainability have made them excellent candidates for obedience training bichones habaneros - havanais - havanese - havaneser - havanaisen - criador de bichones amazing dance. kennel. bichon habanero. bichon havanais. bichon havanese The genetics of the coat colour in Havanese is a very interesting topic. At least ten different genes control the colour of the Havanese. Different genes regulate different parts of the coat colour. Some genes make the colour pigments while other genes arra

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  1. Personality and Temperament. The Bichon Maltese is always alert, energetic and very intelligent. Although this is a small dog from the group of small dog breeds, it is a strong animal which enjoys having fun and lots of exercise. The Bichon Maltese is independent and does not take to strangers immediately
  2. Bichon Havanese, Bichon Habanero, Havanese Cuban Bichon, Bichon Havanais, Bichon Havanês, Havaneser, Havanezer Bichon Frise, Tenerife Dog, Bichon A Poil Frise, Bichon Tenerife, Purebred Bichon Chinese Lion Dog, Chrysanthemum Do
  3. FEDERATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE (AISBL) SECRETARIAT GENERAL: 13, Place Albert 1 er B - 6530 Thuin (Belgique) 12.12.2016/ EN FCI-Standard N° 250 HAVANESE (Bichon havanais
  4. Havanese (Bichon Havanais) The Havanese is a companion dog through and through; with a friendly nature, this small breed is quiet and quick to learn. This inquisitive dog loves nothing more than to be in social situations with the family that loves him
  5. The Bichon, like his cousin the Caniche, descended from the Barbet or Water-Spaniel, from which came the name Barbic- hon, later contracted to Bichon. The Bichons were divided into four categories: the Bichon Maltais, the Bichon Bolog- nais, the Bichon Havanais and the Bichon Teneriffe. All originated in the Mediterranean area
  6. Bichon Frise Description: The Bichon Frise is a descendant of the Water Spaniel and was popular with the sailors in the olden days. It was a companion dog for the sailors who traded it from time to time, which led to this breed reaching different continents
  7. dre de er helt hvide. Temperament. Disse hunde er glade, aktive og kærlige

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This breed is related to the Bichon Frise. It is a happy, outgoing small dog; its temperament and trainability have made it an excellent candidate for obedience training. Read more about bree Bichon frisé kan føres tilbage til de kanariske øer i 1400-tallet, og den blev en overgang kaldt tenerifehund. Interessen for den aftog i slutningen af 1800-tallet, og den blev næsten glemt, indtil den i mellemkrigsårene blev genopdaget af belgiske og franske opdrættere

History and Facts: The Havanese is a direct descendant of the Bichon lapdogs brought to Cuba in the 1800s and 1900s. As Cuban tastes in dogs changed, the breed became nearly extinct until the 1960s, when Cubans with Havanese pets began immigrating to the U.S Bichon Havanais eller Havanese, synes at nedstammer fra en række små, Bichon-type hunde, der rejste sammen med spanske og italienske sejlere til Cuba. De blev muligvis avlet med en nu uddød puddelhunde type fra Sydamerika for at fremelske den bølgede pels, som også var silkeagtig, men det kan være, at det simpelthen er en tilfældig. Bichon Frise Temperament. The Bichon Frise is one of the most engaging, fun and entertaining breeds in existence. This happy, eager to please dog breed makes a wonderful companion for dog lovers of all ages. Great with children, and a loving lap dog for elderly or disabled owners, the Bichon will charm and delight his owners on a daily basis Bichon Havanese, Bichon Habanero, Havanese Cuban Bichon, Bichon Havanais, Bichon Havanês, Havaneser, Havanezer : Caniche, Barbone, Chien Canne, Teacup Poodle, French Poodle, Pudle, Teddy Poodle : Breed Type : Purebred : Purebred : AKC Group : Recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1996 as a Toy breed. Not recognized by the American Kennel.

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A member of the Bichon family, it's also the national dog of Cuba, developed from a breed which is now extinct, the Blanquito de la Habana, translated as the little white dog of Havana. History As the national dog of Cuba, the Havanese is the only native breed to come from that country Vous souhaitez adopter ou éduquer un Bichon Maltais ? Tout sur son caractère, son éducation, sa santé, mais aussi des tas de photos et vidéos de ce chien, un annuaire des éleveurs de Bichon Maltais, et des annonces d'adoption Havanese Description: The origin of the Havanese lies in Cuba. The breed has descended from Bichon type of dogs, more specifically the Havanese Silk Dog, which is now extinct. It was in the 17th century that a breed known as the Bichon Havanese was brought from the Tenerife to Cuba and grew in popularity in the noble class Vi har lavet en ny side for alle der interessere sig for hvad vi laver i KSS gruppen med havanais. Vores aktiviteter og nyttig viden vil blive slået op her. Bichon Havanais under DKK/KS Bichon Frise. A Bichon Frise (French, literally meaning Curly lap dog; often spelled Bichon Frise in English) is a small breed of dog. They are popular pets, similar in appearance to, but larger than, the Maltese. They are a non-shedding breed that requires daily grooming. Temperament

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12. Bichon Frise. The Bichon Frise is a cheerful, little dog breed with a lot of love to give. As full of temperament as they're with curls, this breed is associate degree diverting family dog to the core. The Bichon Frisè loyal, intelligent, and adorable friend. Scroll down below for complete list of Bichon Frise dog breed characteristics Bichon Havanais er en glad og positiv selskabshund. Den er ikke ret stor, og den er derfor let at have med sig rundt. Det er vigtigt at pelsen vedligeholdes, og man kan vælge at klippe pelsen, så hunden får et bamse-look. Udover denne charmerende lille bamsehund, kan du også finde søde labrador hvalpe eller søde små gravhunde Bichon Frise Rescue; Today's Bichon is a descendent of a Water Spaniel known as the Barbet, although some people believe there is some Poodle in the breeding history. In the early days, there were four basic types of Bichon, including the Teneriffe, Bolognais, Maltais and Havanais

RASEBESKRIVELSE FOR BICHON HAVANAIS Gruppe 9 (selskapshunder) Opprinnelsesland: Cuba Helhetsinntrykk : Liten og kraftig, kortbent, livlig og rask med lang, bløt pels som foretrekkes bølget Health Guarantee . Being a pet lover our self we understand that your pet should remain healthy at all times and thus we take it as a pride that our relationship with you does not end once you buy a pet from.. The origin of the Bichon Frise started as far back as 600-300 B.C. in the Mediterranean area where they came from the Barbet or Water Spaniel, Poodle. They were considered a lap or ladies dog. There were actually four different groups of Bichon: Bichon Maltais, Bichon Havanais, Bichon Bolognais, and Bichon Tenerife The Bichon Frises are suitable for those who suffer from various bichon frise is also well know for their play time communication between you get home. Although the Bichon Maltais Bichon Havanais Bichon Frise breeders out the site and substance and white lap dog\ - bichon frise colors and is loved it. The breed with blunt tipped tweezers Havanese - A Cuban member of the Bichon family, which originated in the Mediterranean and includes more popular breeds such as the Maltese and the Bichon Frise, it seems likely that the Havanese's ancestors might have travelled to Cuba at the time that the Spanish were exploring the Caribbean

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Also known as the Bichon Havanais, this cuddly little dog is related to the Bichon Frise and the Maltese. Bred to be companions and pets and beloved now by all Cubans, the Havanese has become the national dog of Cuba Havanese dog breed standard, information, and facts. Havanese dog and puppy pictures, history, health and appearance We do not consider our Havanese puppies show or pet quality. We consider them all to be outstanding quality, bred for good health and sweet temperament. We prefer to place our Havanese puppies in loving forever pet homes as family members The Havanese belongs to the Bichon Family and originated in the mediterranean centuries ago, Spanish traders took the dogs to Cuba as gifts to establish trading deals and the breed soon became popular with the wealthy. They were nick named the Habeneros or White Cuban

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The Havanese is a breed of dog of the Bichon type, which do not shed.These dogs were developed from the now extinct Bichon Tenerife, which was introduced to the Canary Islands by the Spanish and later to other islands and colonies of Spain by sailors Two cocker spaniel and Bichon frise mix puppies, great temperament and really friendly pups. Mother is a brown cocker spaniel and father is a Cocker and bichon frise mix. Black pup is female and brown is a male. Pups will have been vet checked and fi Age Age: 11 weeks; Ready to leave Ready to leave: in 1 week; £25 Værd at vide. Husk altid at alle beskrivelser af hunderacer kun er vejledende. Selvom der oftest er mange generelle træk og egenskaber, der går igen i en hunderace, vil der altid være individer indenfor de forskellige hunderacer, hvor adfærd, temperament og egenskaber varierer meget fra racestandarden Bichon Havanais hanhund til avl med stamtavle. Mabs er en spinkel bichon havanais på 6,8 kg, han er sort med hvid på maven. Har er klassisk bichon sind - altid glad for alle mennesker, andre hunde og han elsker at lege. Patella OK. Mabs er også meget blid af sind, og kan sagtens få klippet både negle og pels af én person It is also known as the Bichon Havanais, toy Havanese, and Havana Silk Dog. There are many different theories on the development of the Havanese, while the exact history appears to be lost in antiquity, it is thought the Havanese is a direct descendant of the ancient Banquito de la Cubano, meaning 'white cuban', and was a small white silky.

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  3. Discover The Cheerful Havanese Temperament #havaneseofiran #