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Familieanamnese med astma ; Lungefunktion er normal eller kun let nedsat og der er tit udtalt forbedring efter inhalation af beta-2-agonist (> 300 ml i FEV 1) Nogle patienter med astma, som ryger, er svære at skelne fra patienter med KOL, men ved astma er der ikke emfysem They may suggest doing some tests to confirm if you have asthma. These can't always be done easily in young children, so your child may be given an asthma inhaler to see if it helps relieve their symptoms until they're old enough to have the tests. Tests for asthma. The main tests used to help diagnose asthma are 1.2 Diagnosing asthma in young children. 1.2.1 For children under 5 with suspected asthma, treat symptoms based on observation and clinical judgement, and review the child on a regular basis (see section 1.8). If they still have symptoms when they reach 5 years, carry out objective tests (see section 1.3 and algorithm B)


For some people, asthma is fairly easy to manage. The symptoms may be considered inconvenient. These could include coughing, wheezing, and general shortness of breath a few times during the week. How to Diagnose Asthma. Asthma is a serious, sometimes fatal condition. Armed with knowledge and good medical advice, most patients can lead safe, happy lives. Always visit a doctor for an official diagnosis and treatment I Norge er prevalens av astma høyest hos barn og synker med alder slik at tall for voksne er rundt 5 %. Forskjeller i prevalenstall internasjonalt gjenspeiler delvis ulike diagnosekriterier, men også klare geografiske og sosioøkonomiske forskjeller. I mange land har forekomsten av astma doblet seg siste 20 år. Blant voksne e NetPsych.dk er en omfattende hjemmeside om psykologi og psykiatri. Vores mål er at udbrede viden om disse emner i et let tilgængeligt sprog. Bl.a. mere end 100 artikler, ordbog med over 2000 ord inden for psykologi/psykiatry, professionel sektion, tests, forum, selvhjælp, brevkasse og ugentligt nyhedsbrev This means that if the test is negative it is unlikely you have asthma. It is often done when your asthma provider suspects asthma but is not able to make a clear diagnosis. Unlike looking for improvement in lung function, the bronchoprovocation test is attempting to provoke asthma symptoms to make a diagnosis


Asthma involves narrowing of the airways caused by three major factors: inflammation, bronchospasm, and hyperreactivity. Allergy plays a role in some, but not all, asthma patients. Allergens and irritants can cause asthma attacks. Asthma symptoms include shortness of breath Alcoholic Drinks May Trigger Asthma Attacks. By Jeanie Lerche Davis. From the WebMD Archives. April 4, 2000 -- Some asthmatics learn the hard way that drinking alcohol can trigger the wheezing. Exercise is a trigger for the majority of people with asthma and for some people without underlying asthma. 4,5 There are a number of ways that exercise triggers asthma symptoms: water loss in the lungs, cold air, and rapid breathing, as well as allergens, irritants, and pollution during outdoor exercise. 2, Asthma is a chronic condition with symptoms of cough, wheezing, chest tightness or pain, and/or difficulty breathing. These symptoms occur periodically, usually related to specific triggering events. The small airways of people with asthma narrow during these episodes; the narrowing is partially or completely reversible with asthma treatments

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  1. Pulmonary Fibrosis Diagnosis and Treatment. In addition to pulmonary function tests and spirometry, your doctor may also want you to have a chest x-ray and/or other tests, such as an arterial blood gas test, which measures the oxygen level in your blood to help with pulmonary fibrosis diagnosis and treatment
  2. New Severe Asthma Guidelines Recommend FeNO Monitoring In a significant advancement in the treatment of severe asthma, the latest diagnosis and management guide from the Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) makes new recommendations for assessment tools. The new guide now recommends fractional exhaled nitric oxide (FeNO) monitoring as an.
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